Introducing... The Creepy Touch! Episode 1

Following in line in the great tradition of low-brow sleeze punk shows such as T.V. Party, Rappin with The Rickster, Richard Bey, U.S.A. Up All Nite and let's say... a little Cinema of the Transgression we present to you The Creepy Touch with your host Toilet Cobra AKA Nick Gazin! Just who is The Toilet Cobra? Well if you ask me I'll tell you he's some scumbag native New Yorker with the gift of gab, looks that kill, and a certain talent to get people to reveal their creepier sides on camera. You may have seen him lurking in the shadows or passed out with his pants down, but don't let that scare you as we've just given him a public forum to expose themselves and those willing and unwilling participants to their Creepy Touch. Paired with the visual magic and genius editing of The Vidiot, from music to movies, to the men and women on the city streets The Creepy Touch got it covered and is coming for you next... YOU'RE GONNA GET TOUCHED!

In this episode: Nobunny is the subject of this, the first episode of the Creepy Touch. The Toilet Cobra is mostly invisible in this episode due to shyness and the ability to be invisible. Nobunny's mask is disgusting. While he was putting it on it fell on the floor and when he picked it up it was sopping with the liquids that pool on bathroom floors when it rains. Then he put that piss mop right on his mug. Ugh!

Originally published at the Mishka Bloglin