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    Kill With Video: The DVD

Directed and edited by The Vidiot aka Matthew Caron also featuring The Creepy Touch starring The Toilet Cobra aka Nick Gazin Running Time: 180 minutes Packaging and graphic design by Matthew Caron DVD authoring by Jordan Fish

Kill With Video features a 90 minute megamix of the best episodes of my weekly web series for Mishka, reedited exclusively for this disc, with an additional three episodes included as bonus content.

As of this week, if you spend $100 at Mishka's 350 Broadway storefront or online you’ll also be getting a FREE copy of the Kill With Video DVD, while supplies last.

From the opening salvo of “Pizza Krazy” to the hilarious “Pon De Rollins” and the triumphant “My Internet Girlfriend” this thing is a winner. Throw it on at a party, turn on your vaporizer, eat an 1/8 of mushroom, sit back and enjoy the high of your life! We guarantee you’ll be passing this DVD on to friends and showing it every chance you get.

But that’s not all! You’re also getting all 10 episodes of The Vidiot and Toilet Cobra’s (AKA Nick Gazin) The Creepy Touch, his funny and strange series of interviews with artists like Nobunny to his calamitous and awkward interview with Suckers. His even scarier interaction with Big Apple Graphics and of course his trip to the horror convention with his dear old dad.

They’re as good and awkward as you remember and they’re even better back to back. And if you’ve never seen a Creepy Touch? Get ready folks cuz U ’bout 2 get touched and you’re gunna like it!

- Whole Milk via The Mishka Bloglin