Photographs and a few words about a John Maus concert for Vice Magazine mygfluvsjohnmaus

John Maus is a philosopher, professor, and musical composer who used to perform with Ariel Pink and Panda Bear. Nowadays he’s more or less exclusively a solo act. When he performs, Maus hits a button on his sequencer and launches into the most passionate, sweaty karaoke act you’ve ever seen, alternately jabbing his eye or his heart with the microphone while spit dribbles down his chin. My girlfriend loves John Maus. She says she loves John Maus because “he’s a mentally ill creep and hella hunky.” My girlfriend says I “should also note that he basically wears a uniform every day of his life: a button up shirt and New Balances. I’ve never seen him perform in anything else.” Here is my girlfriend’s hella hunky love at Market Hotel a few nights ago.

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